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Our turnkey solution encompasses sale, rent, service, maintenance, and monitoring in IT Energy Infrastructure, security, air conditioning, fire detection, and extinguishing system and civil works in corporate and smart buildings in both the private and government sectors.

Problems in data centers

20 to 30% of data center failures are due to hardware and software this due to little concern for monitoring and maintenance.

Disruption of activity results in losses, which approach US 8 851 per minute.

Data centers have become the true heart of the business in practically all sectors, the information that is stored and processed in them depends on most companies and organizations.
Centros de Datos Sertres

Data Centers

If activity on critical facilities is disrupted and they cannot perform the operations for which they were created, it results in financial and customer losses.

The most common failures are in UPS, air conditioning and weather systems, emergency plants IT equipment, and human error or computer attacks.

Energy management

We offer a strategy suitable to your organization’s data center achieving energy efficiency that allows the decrease in energy consumption obtaining a lower environmental impact and you can project a better corporate image.

  • UPS interruptible power system
  • Emergency power plants
  • PDU power system
  • Internal power networks
  • Substations
  • Rush
  • Distribution boards
  • Electrical transfers
  • Grounding systems


We provide peace of mind by protecting the integrity of your facilities and employees through proper controls on IT systems that prevent access to unauthorized people as well as restriction on entry to certain locations.

  • Analog CCTV or IP
  • Operable 24/7
  • Indoor, outdoor cameras
  • Anti-vandalism
  • With audio
  • Fixed lens
  • Vari focal
  • With lighting
  • Password access control
  • With identification
  • Fingerprint, palm, or retina reader

Fire Detection and Extinction Systems

We implement fire suppression systems with clean agents that have proven to be the best proven, effective, and reliable option to protect high-value assets in your organization without damaging them and protecting the environment.

  • Fast-acting and safe-acting detectors
  • Early smoke detection
  • Central alarms
  • Stamps cuts fire
  • Emergency signage and labeling

Air conditioning (HVAC)

The combination of an effective design with hot and cold aisles adheres to industry standards allows us to integrate a cooling system designed according to the characteristics of the place covering the needs of each type of customer. Maintain the right temperature in a stabilized and controlled way will allow us to have a robust, reliable, and durable data center, achieving great efficiencies and savings in your organization.

  • Precision air units
  • Chiller units
  • Comfort air units
  • Aisle confinement


We have a unique system in the monitoring market (ALUX) that allows you to have a single-screen visualization of the behavior of your data center. This will allow you to make immediate decisions by providing security and protection to your IT infrastructure, maintaining a continuous operation.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Air vent
  • Air return
  • Servers
  • Critical team
  • Humidity
  • Fluid spill
  • Door opening
  • Current and voltage measurement
  • UPS
  • Emergency plant
  • PDU


Maintaining a data center preserves the functional qualities and characteristics of equipment and its components. Our commitment is to maintain availability that will give continuity and peace of mind to your organization.

  • Preventive
  • Corrective
  • Local
  • Attention 24/7
  • Maintenance policies